NWPPNetware Print Provider
NWPPNepal Workers and Peasants Party
NWPPNorthwest Power Pool (Power Pool Sharing Group, Western Systems Coordinating Council)
NWPPNavigable Waters Protection Program (Canada)
NWPPNumerical Weather Prediction Progress (World Meteorological Organization)
NWPPNational Waste Prevention Programme (Ireland)
NWPPNon Woven Polypropylene
NWPPNational Women's Prison Project (est. 2003; Baltimore, MD)
NWPPNorthern Wood Power Project (Public Service New Hampshire)
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Table B3: Wholesale Electricity Markets: Prices and Emissions Intensity Regional wholesale price (US$/MWh) C[O.sub.2] intensity (tC[O.sub.2]/MWh) Region Observed (a) Simulated (b) Observed (c) Simulated (b) NWPP 50.2 48.6 0.63 0.62 SEAST 58.1 53.5 0.60 0.61 PJM 55.1 52.2 0.58 0.58 ERCOT 52.9 57.5 0.52 0.50 MISO 44.0 47.7 0.47 0.50 SPP 55.4 63.6 0.42 0.43 CA 48.9 48.7 0.42 0.34 NENGL 60.8 61.5 0.40 0.36 MOUNT 57.4 44.9 0.38 0.35 NY 70.2 71.2 0.37 0.36 Notes: aLoad-weighted average reported by FERC (2006); bSimulated from the electricity sector model; cComputed based on fuel consumption (EIA Form 906-920, 2007b) and fuel-specific C[O.sub.2] emissions factors (EIA, Administration2009).
(7.) These regions are: California ISO (CA), Northwest Power Pool (NWPP), Mountain Power Area (MOUNT), Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), Southwest Power Pool (SPP), Midwest ISO (MISO), Southeast Power Pool (SEAST), Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection (PJM), New York ISO (NY), and New England ISO (NENGL).
(18.) In terms of the regional aggregation described in Figure 1, the Eastern Interconnection thus comprises SPP, MISO, SEAST, PJM, NY, and NENGL, and the WECC comprises CA, NWPP, and MOUNT.
The NWPP's Central Committee meeting held under the chair of Chairman Narayan Man Bijukchhe took the decision to withdraw support alleging that the government had utterly failed to implement the 18-point demand forwarded by the party before the formation of the government.
Altogether five NWPP members represent the 601-member Interim Legislature parliament.
National Water Plan Project, Ministry of Irrigation (NWPP).
Washington state and the NWPP closely track for [CO.sub.2] and fuel savings with increasing [NO.sub.x] deviation likely due to imported power.