NWPZNorth Western Plains Zone (agroclimatic zone; India)
NWPZNorth Western Porphyry Zone (Peru)
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The highest genetic diversity in NWPZ may be because of the large numbers of breeding centers involved in the development of cultivars and also because of the diverse sources used in those crossing program.
Similar relationships were observed when Nei's genetic distance matrix was used except that cultivars from PZ showed a closer relationship to cultivars from NWPZ.
07/LIRA"S"/VEE"S" VL804 CPAN3018/CPAN3004//PBW65 VL829 IBWSN149/CPAN2099 NWPZ CPAN1676 BON//CNO/SN64/3/KAL/BB CPAN3004 GLL/AUST II 61-157//CNO/NO/3/VEE HD1949 YT54/N10B//NP852 HD2009 LR64A/NA160 HD2204 BJ66"S"/NAD63/LR64A/5/SL"S"/NP852/4/PJ"S"/P14//KT54B/3/ K651 HD2270 SL"S"/NP852/4/PJ"S"/P14//KT54B/3/K65/5/CNO"S"/NO/3/C273// NP875/PI"S"/6/TOB/CNO"S"BB/4/NAI60"S"*2/TT/SN64/3/LR64/ SN64 HD2281 HD2160/4/HD1912/HD1592/3/HD1962//E4870/K65 HD2285 36896/CJ54/P4160E/3/HUAR/4/KAL"S"/NP852/4/PJ"S"/P14// KT54B/3/K65/6/HD2160/7/SL"S"/NP852/4/PJ"S"/P14//KT54B/ 3/K65/5/2*SKA HD2329 SL"S"/NP852/4/PJ'P14//KT54B/3/K65/5/SKA/6/UP262 HD2428 HD1949/HD2160 HD2687 CPAN2009/HD2329 IWP72 FKN/LEE//2*KAL JOB666 K65/HD2009 K68 NP773/K13 KALYANSONA PJ"S"/GB55 KRL-1-4 KHLC/WL711 NP4 SEL.