NWRBNational Water Resources Board (Philippines)
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NWRBNuclear Waste Repository in Basalt
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We have to start discussing conservation measures with the NWRB Board this month, not during the critical months," he also said.
In the meantime, immediately increase NWRB personnel and resources, with at least one extension office in Visayas and one in Mindanao.
61 meters below the normal high water level of 212 meters, the NWRB decided to increase the allocation for December from 38 cms to 40 cms for municipal use and 25 cms from 10 cms for irrigation," David said.
However, since increased water from "Lando" is not really expected, NWRB Deputy Executive Director Jorge M.
A total of 27,000 hectares of farmlands in Bulacan and Pampanga have not been receiving water allocation from the NWRB since May.
Groundwater extraction is strictly prohibited throughout Metro Manila and certain parts of Bulacan and Cavite provinces, and extraction in other areas in the country are regulated by the NWRB," Paje said.
Also, the NWRB has increased the allocation for domestic use to 40 cms in December from 38 cms in November.
We need to manage the water level in Angat Dam so we can sustain adequate water for the public until this El NiAaAaAeA~o phenomen ends next year," NWRB Executive Director Sevillo David Jr.
In an interview, Sevilla explained that the El Nino TWG - which included the NWRB - has been holding weekly meetings during which the group recalibrates supply projections to make decisions related to allocations.
The NWRB chief added the current level was still 20.
As a precautionary measure, the NWRB cut down the water allocation to 41 cubic meters per second (cms) from 43 cms to water concessionaries Maynilad and Manila Water beginning July 1.
But Napocor will wait for the NWRB decision," Napocor president Ma.