NWRELNorthwest Regional Educational Laboratory (Portland, OR)
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As it is typically described by the Great Source Education Group and NWREL, professional development in the Six Traits directly targets three aspects of subject-specific pedagogy: teachers' conceptualization of the subject matter of writing, teachers' knowledge of how to assess students' writing and use the results of those assessments, and teachers' repertoire of instructional strategies for teaching writing (Grossman & Schoenfeld, 2005).
We piloted one instrument representing this approach: the Language Arts Pedagogical Knowledge Assessment, developed by NWREL to evaluate elementary language arts teachers.
THE PRESSURE'S ON 18 states require students to pass a writing test to graduate (and more states plan to do so) Both the SAT and ACT now include a writing section 73% of employers and 75% of college professors rate public school graduates as "fair or "poor" when it comes to writing clearly Sources: NWREL, 2004, Public Agenda, 2003 WRITING: BY THE NUMBERS 76% of 12th graders performed below the proficient level on the 2002 NAEP 51% of 12th graders do not regularly receive writing assignments of three pages or more 14% of students pursuing postsecondary education place into precollege-level writing courses Sources: NCVC 2003; NWREL, 2004