NWRFNorthern Water Reclamation Facility (Colorado Springs, CO)
NWRFNorthwest Reptile Feeders
NWRFNaval Weather Research Facility
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The WRF, SMP, MCH, and NWRF lime-requirement buffers were calibrated by fitting linear regressions to relationships between the lime requirement of soils (determined from soil:Ca[CO.sub.3] incubations) and equilibrium [pH.sub.buffer] values.
Generally the WRF buffer regressions produced higher coefficients of determination than the other methods used, although the MCH and NWRF buffer methods had comparable results (Table 3).
A feature of the WRF, NWRF, and SMP response surfaces (Fig.
The WRF buffer and fitted response surface was the best method, producing the most accurate predictions (smaller RMSE); however, the NWRF and MCH buffers produced comparable predictions.