NWRHNorth West Regional Hospital (Australia)
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The NWRH Executive Director of Medical Services is working to reduce locums at the Mersey, and this will result in recruitment of new specialists to the surgery centre something that wouldnt be possible without our One Health System reforms which have given the Mersey Community Hospital a stronger, more secure role as an acute hospital with a broader range of better and safer services.
The installation of the Siemens MRI at NWRH means the majority of North West patients can undergo these diagnostic tests right here in Burnie, rather than having to travel to Launceston or Hobart, Ms O Byrne said.
The MRI project is part of almost $50 million in capital works underway or completed at NWRH, including the Regional North West Cancer Centre.
Ms O Byrne said the new car park would ensure safer and easier access to parking for all NWRH users, as well as significantly improve the flow of traffic around the site.