NWRINational Water Research Institute
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"Ash Grove's support will allow Nebraska Wildlife Rehab to grow and help more animals while also meeting our mission to educate children throughout the region," said NWRI Operations Chair and Board Member, Laura Stastny.
NWRI won the Science & Public Awareness Award dedicated to the individual or institution that has performed the greatest service to public awareness of fresh water issues in Canada through leadership in shared scientific research.
"Thanks to the leadership shown by NWRI more and more Canadians understand that the choices we make every day can have far-reaching effects on our environment.
Current NWRI priorities include impacts of atmospheric change on aquatic ecosystems, contaminants in the arctic, pulp mill effluents, endocrine-disrupting substances, agricultural and urban land use practices, persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic substances, groundwater remediation techniques and development of indicators of ecosystem state and recovery.
Web: http://airphotos.nrcan.gc.ca/contact.html Tel: (613) 995-4560 Fax: (613) 995-4568 NWRI
Recently, I obtained a copy of Toxfate, an organics toxic contaminants fate model, developed by Efraim Halton and written by David S Brendon, both of the National Water Research Institute (NWRI).
All samples were taken < 12 hr postmortem and preserved frozen during the hunt and later kept at -20[degrees]C before preparation and examination at the veterinary pathology laboratory in Copenhagen, Denmark (histology); GLIER, Windsor, Ontario, Canada (organochlorines); and NWRI, Burlington, Ontario, Canada (PBDEs).