NWRMNuclear Weapon Related Materiel
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In November, the team started physically marking each NWRM item with a unique item identifier, which effectively gives each asset a barcode label.
He said this facility will store NWRM assets for aircraft and cruise missiles that are repaired at the Tinker maintenance facilities.
"We still have a lot of work to ensure the Air Force has secure facilities and controls of all its NWRM throughout the supply chain," Chief Guttery said.
She was instrumental in getting the word out to the field as policies evolved in an effort to gain PIC over the many NWRM assets at the command's missile bases.
This process was fairly straightforward for the items at the bases, but it did not work as well for NWRM items at the depot and contractor facilities.
* Develop a special code to identify and ensure special management for NWRM. Besides the confusion over the actual list of NWRM items, there is no special coding on the items so base and depot personnel know what items require special handling.
* Develop an improved process with enterprise oversight to identify which items require NWRM coding.
The Air Force needs to manage NWRM items as an enterprise--any adjustments made to balances should be done with oversight over all inventories worldwide.
* Use serialized control procedures for NWRM items.
* Ensure all NWRM are reported via the Recoverable Asset Management Program (RAMP) to the Stock Control (D035) system.
We found many open intransit details for NWRM items--some were over 1 year old.
* Ensure the Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) includes all the special NWRM system requirements.