NWRTNational Weather Radar Testbed
NWRTNunavut Wildlife Research Trust
NWRTNuclear Wire Repair Tape
NWRTNuclear Weapons-Related Technologies
NWRTNational Women's Round Table
NWRTNonwhite Region Tiling
NWRTNorth West Rural Tourism (Ireland)
NWRTNorth West Rockall Trough
NWRTNon-Word Repetition Tasks
NWRTNawkaw Water Repellant Treatment
NWRTNear-Wall particle Residence Time
NWRTNederlandse Werkgroep van Reïncarnatietherapeuten
NWRTNorthwest Regional Training
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In total, 99 authentic WRT samples were collected from 11 main rich-producing areas in Wuyishan, and 33 NWRT samples were collected from 11 different production sites.
For all of the 132 samples (99 WRT samples and 33 NWRT samples), 88 of them (including WRT and NWRT samples) were selected as a training class at random and the other 44 were put into a prediction class.
Ethyne gas Air flow flow Element Wavelength Bandpass rate rate Ca 422.7 nm 2.6 nm 2.6 L/min 9.4 L/min Mg 285.2 nm 2.6 nm 2 L/min 9.4 L/min Mn 279.5 nm 2.3 nm 2.3 L/min 9.4 L/min Table 4: Results of provenance experiment: averages values of 4 stable isotopes in WRT and NWRT samples.