NWSANational Women's Studies Association
NWSANetware Semantic Agent
NWSANorthwest School of the Arts (Charlotte, NC)
NWSANew World School of the Arts (Miami, Florida, USA)
NWSANational Woman Suffrage Association (1869-1890)
NWSANational Welding Supply Association
NWSANorth Wales Sea Angling
NWSANorthwest Scientific Association
NWSANose Wheel Steering Actuator
NWSANaval Weather Service Association
NWSANuclear Weapons Storage Area
NWSANaval Weapons Support Activity
NWSANebraska Woman Suffrage Association
NWSANuclear Weapons Supply Annex
NWSANorthwest Stryker Alliance (paintball team)
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In July, ocean carriers "canceled several sailings to manage container capacity in the trans-Pacific trade," the NWSA said.
NWSA CEO John Wolfe states in the report, "Our organization is positioned strategically to navigate through this ever-dynamic shipping industry...
I can't speculate on what terms might change in NAFTA, but we will continue to advocate for trade policies that open new markets and level playing fields for Washington businesses that use the NWSA as their international gateways.
McMillen delineates the differences between the AWSA and NWSA, but she offers no explanation for their divergence and seems unaware of the varieties and evolution of antislavery positions.
You'll find images representing both projects on buttons at our NWSA booth.
At the 2010 conference of NWSA, a number of the scholars began meeting and creating a group where they saw other women who not only shared similar ethnicities but also had a commitment to developing courses and research that addressed the history and experiences of North American Asian women.
According to the Jerusalem Post, the NWSA vote on the BDS referendum passed 653 (88.4%) to 86 at the organization's annual conference earlier this month, the association announced last week.
Mary Lisa Burns, dean of dance at NWSA, has made touring a primary element of her company, aiming to bring the New World Dance Ensemble to New York City each year.
Before the anti-immigrant legislation was enacted, NWSA's president, Bonnie Thornton Dill, brought the issue to the attention of NWSA's executive committee at a March 2011 meeting.
Essays include selections from the NWSA Journal and address such topics as access, homophobia, the dearth of research on menopausal women, elderly women, and the inclusion of women's voices in the 2005 edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves.
of Arizona) present 16 theoretical and empirical papers published between 1989 and 2002 in The NWSA Journal (an official publication of the National Women's Studies Association).