NWSASNorth-Western Sahara Aquifer System (Africa)
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24 on the NWSAs website, and hard copies of the presentation will be available at both meetings.
7 meeting the Managing Members will vote on the 2018 operating budget, 2018-2022 capital plan and contribution of funds to the NWSA for capital construction.
The challenges of ensuring the sustainable use of the regions water resources, common to the aquifer sharing countries of Algeria, Libya and Tunisia, were the focus of a workshop this week organized by UNECE, Global Water Partnership Mediterranean and the Sahara and Sahel Observatory, with the effective participation of the Coordination Mechanism of the NWSAS. The workshop is part of an ongoing process for enhancing transboundary cooperation for the management of the NWSAS and strengthening related capacities.
Tenders are invited for NWSA Federal Lobbying Services
port authorities selected, the NWSA was recognized for its efforts to reduce seaport-related emissions through the Clean Truck Program, installing shore power at terminals, retrofitting cargo-handling equipment, and investing in new, cost-effective stormwater treatment systems.