NWSENorthwest Student Exchange (est. 1987; Seattle, WA)
NWSENaval Weapons Station Earle (New Jersey)
NWSENorthwest Science Expo (Intel; Portland State University, Oregon)
NWSENew World Sex Education (various locations)
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When four levels are used to classify the orientation, the lack of tracks oriented NWSE, E-W and NE-SW, corresponding to the connections with the European and intercontinental network of spatial development poles and corridors underlines the importance of the development objective related to the connection of Romania to the other countries.
The regional network East Sudeten was built in the Czech territory to detect possible recent geodynamic movements of the Sudetic faults of the NWSE directions, especially the Sudetic Marginal, the Bela, the Klepacov faults, etc.
The two arcs developed through Palaeozoic and Mesozoic times, one now cropping out east of the continental block as the NWSE striking Truongson belt which extends from central Vietnam, through the Laos 'pan-handle', and into north-central Laos.
2) is NWSE. From tectonics point of view, this province contains the north-western part of Great Kavir-Urmieh lake foreland basin and West Alborz--lesser Caucasus hinterland (Fig.
In the westernmost part of the mountain front, near El Palmar (station 6), more recent sediments of the Late Pliocene are deformed by N-S to NE-SW normal faults with a strike-slip component and low dip toward the W and NW, respectively, that define a well constrained NWSE [SH.sub.max] (Camacho et al., 1999).
The next day, a long diffuse filament NWSE aligned, extended from northeast of AR1250 to the limb.
While the most common linear segment orientation oscillates generally around NWSE (or slightly turned towards the east, 110[degrees]-130[degrees]; the Sumava direction) (Figs.
The maximal compression is in the NE-SW direction, while the extension is NWSE. The second most delegated phase is A (Fig.