NWSMNocardia Water Soluble Mitogen
NWSMNederlandsch Westfaalsche Stoomtram Maatschappij (Dutch: Dutch Westphalian Tramway Company)
NWSMNational Weather Service Modernization (US NOAA)
NWSMNuclear Weapons Stockpile Memorandum
NWSMNocardia Opaca Water Soluble Molecules
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While the NWSM relied on the AHF for roughly a third of it's funding, and has had to do the Latter--cutting people's wages while increasing their workloads, laying people off, and ending much of their holistic programming--Eddie Bitternose and his co-workers are in the midst of a total shut-down.
While we sometimes prescribe a sweat lodge, Health Canada won't," says Nakuset, the executive director of the NWSM.