NWTSNothing Was the Same (Drake album)
NWTSNational Wilms Tumor Study (cancer research)
NWTSNavy Warfare Training System
NWTSNuclear Waste Terminal Storage
NWTSNaval Weapons Test Station
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RESULTS: Tumors treated with SIOP protocol were mainly stage II(see figure 4), while those treated with NWTS protocol were in stage I(figure5).
Vascular changes: thrombosis, necrosis and acute inflammation were present Anaplasia (1): diffuse, did not respond toChemotherapy.1 case of wilms treated with NWTS protocol had intraoperative tumor spillage .1 patient treated as wilms with chemotherapy was reported as congenital mesoblastic nephroma in the histopathology report post nephrectomy.
Jim Antoine noted, "today we have to keep doing that kind of approach...we had a government-to-government-to-government approach--Aboriginal government, federal government, and territorial government approach on how to do devolution," and Stephen Kakfwi said the most important aspect of consensus government is that "it operates in the way that the Inuvialuit, the Dene, and the Metis accept so easily." By the end of the discussion audience members had a colourful and dynamic image of the NWTs political development, woven through time by former leaders spanning 30 years of history.
The phrase "permanent home" is particularly noteworthy, since the majority of the NWT's political dealings in the last hundred years have occurred in temporary and often ad hoc quarters.
In our department, continuous propofol sedation is used to facilitate frequent NWTs in the clinical management of patients with TBI and SAH despite mild NWT-induced elevation of ICP and CPP and certain stress hormones (Skoglund et al., 2009, 2012).
However, there are no established guidelines on sedation strategy or the frequency of evaluating the level of consciousness using the neurological wake-up test (NWT) in sedated NCC patients.
With 44088 (Bureau of Statistics, 2015a) residents, the Northwest Territories (NWT), Canada, is the most populous of Canada's three northern territories.