NWUPCNorth Western Universities Purchasing Consortium (UK)
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NWUPC contracts manager, Julie-Ann Garton, said: "The NWUPC is delighted to collaborate in this area and are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Tiger AV.
NWUPC has a requirement to establish a Framework Agreement for the provision of broadcast equipment and integration services.
NWUPC is seeking to establish a Framework Agreement for furniture on behalf of the members of NWUPC https://www.nwupc.ac.uk/our-members and CPC https://www.thecpc.ac.uk/members/.
The tender is also available via our colleagues in nwupc https://www.nwupc.ac.uk/our-members, neupc http://www.neupc.ac.uk/our-members, supc https://www.supc.ac.uk/about-us/our-members/our-members, hepcw http://www.hepcw.ac.uk/members/ and the wider public sector https://www.thecpc.ac.uk/suppliers/eligible-public-sector-bodies.php cpc membership is open to the entire education sector, details of which are available here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/get-information-about-schools includes lots: lot 1: lot 1: sports & non-commercial fitness equipment
The north western universities purchasing consortium (nwupc) is a not for profit organisation owned by its full members consisting of 24 universities.
Nwupc are conducting market engagement for the establishment of a framework agreement for recycling bins and street furniture for members of nwupc, apuc, cpc, hepcw, lupc, neupc, and supc.
future members of the cpc will be from the education sector: - www.Gov.Uk/guidance/get-information-about-schools the tender is available for higher education institutions through nwupc http://www.Nwupc.Ac.Uk/our-members the tender is available for uk public sector bodies www.Thecpc.Ac.Uk/suppliers/eligible-public-sector-bodies.
the new framework will be available to all schools & academies who are cpc members https://www.Thecpc.Ac.Uk/members/regions.Php and also the wider public sector https://www.Thecpc.Ac.Uk/suppliers/eligible-public-sector-bodies.Php, and nwupc member institutions: (north west universities purchasing consortium) https://www.Nwupc.Ac.Uk/our-members the framework will be split into 4 lots and will run for an initial duration of 2 years with the option to extend by two possible one year extensions.