NXDNative XML Database
NXDNon-Executive Director
NXDNational Xenotransplantation Database (biotechnology)
NXDNight-Exchange Device (dialysis)
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areas you will come across as a NXD but won't necessarily find elsewhere.
NXD at 33% of GDP at end-2017 is well above the current 'BB' median of 12% of GDP.
The findings reveal that BIND, NXD, EXD, BM and BDIV support the complementary effect.
As part of the performance guarantee, Golden Meditech can choose to compensate Nanjing Xinjiekou, by cash or the NXD New Shares, in case of earnings shortfall in an amount to be calculated based on the percentage of the shortfall multiplied by the total consideration.
For any matrix y, it is possible to define a matrix of deprivations [g.sup.o] = [[g.sup.o.sub.ij]], whose typical element [g.sup.o.sub.ij] is defined by [g.sup.o.sub.ij] = 1 when [y.sub.ij] < [z.sub.p] and [g.sup.o.sub.ij] = 0 when [y.sub.ij] > [z.sub.j] [g.sup.o] is an nxd matrix whose ijth entry is equal to 1 when person i is deprived in jth dimension, and 0 when person is not; [g.sup.o.sub.i] is the ith row vector of [g.sup.o] which represent person i's deprivation vector.
More than 2,000 IoD members have asked to join the Directory as NXD candidates.
NxD focuses on the insertion of a non-executive member on the board to consult, observe and bring in new ideas to a company.
NxD Global is a membership organisation that identifies, screens and recommends directors to companies that have a requirement for non executive directors on their board.
In this paper, Object Exchange Model (OEM) is used to represent data in NXD [10].
- Continued strong export growth that leads to widening current account surpluses and rapid decline in NXD.