NXMNon Existent Memory
NXMNew X-Men (comic book)
NXMNatrix Maura (Viperine Snake)
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In this case, when k = 0.45, under 1.25 times rated load, static load torque [M.sub.fs1.25] = 998.42 Nxm. The emergency braking torque is constant when loading different weights.
Where x is the state vector with size nx1, u is the control input vector of size mx1, y is the output vector of size mx1, g is a nxm matrix, f and h are smooth vector fields.
Assuming the number of samples to be evaluated at n indexes of Shanghai SME business cost is m, the index data matrix is denoted by Z=([Z.sub.ij]) nxm for some index [Z.sub.j], information entropy.
The amplitudes of the two seismic moments are [M.sub.xz] = [M.sub.zx] = 1.12 x [10.sup.14] Nxm. The source is at the position of (0, 0, 5) km, and the receiver is set at (1, 0.5, 0.05) km.
The dimension of matrix E is nxm with the number of columns:
The coefficient matrices of (5) A, B, Q, R, C;-,and [D.sub.j] for j = 1, ..., k are given ones of sizes n x n, n x p, n x n, mxm, nxn, and nxm, respectively, and Q denotes the state matrix, and R is the control matrix.
I decided to consider only those squares and rectangles that are dense, which means that all N+M words in its NxM grid are different.
Reikiamas sukimo momentas yra apytiksliai 0,1--0,15 Nxm (matavimai buvo atlikti naudojantis STAHWILLE torsiometru Nr.
[11] Let m; n [member of] N, F : [R.sub.m] [??] [R.sup.n] be a set-valued map, [bar.x] [member of] [R.sub.m]; [bar.y] [member of] [R.sup.n], y [member of] F([bar.x]) and let [LAMBDA] be a nonempty compact subset of [R.sup.nxm] (then an element of [LAMBDA] is an nxm matrix).