NXNENorth By Northeast Music Industry Conference
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More focused than many of its brethren, "Five" reps another worthy theatrical preem for Gotham's ReRun Gastropub Theater, fast becoming the NXNE launchpad for minimalist SXSW-type fare.
They disbanded in 2008 with a last show at the NXNE Festival.
Since forming in 1999, The Hitchers have enjoyed gigs at some of London's most prestigious venues including The Garage and Camden Underworld, as well as securing a slot at the esteemed NXNE Music Festival in Toronto.
Band Te m peron More infoat com "We got invited back after a load of good press to play NXNE festival in June.
Next month the trio head for Canada where they are playing the influential music festival NXNE.
They are also bound for Canada later in the year, where they're appearing at the NXNE festival - the event which launched The Darkness in North America last year - so this could be a good time to catch them while you can.