NXRNaxxar (postal locality, Malta)
NXRNational Xenotransplantation Registry
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NXR Global is a network marketing company and distributor of heath & wellness and entertainment products, including Nutronix and VStream.
Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC)(TYO: 7267), a Japan-based automaker, has launched its NXR 160 Bros, an adventure motorcycle with a 160cc engine, in Brazil.
A Nicolet spectrometer (model NXR 9650) equipped with a liquid-nitrogen-cooled germanium detector was used for the FT-Raman measurements of [PhN-(2-PhB[(OH).sub.2])-R-Me]P[O.sub.3][H.sub.2] on a glass plate.
Let the lengths of the input streams be defined as NXr and NXc for the row filter and column filter, respectively (input video frame of size NXc rows by NXr columns).
The Northwestern University Neuroscience and Robotics (NxR) Laboratory wants to make your texts, apps, and the sites you visit on your smartphone or tablet PC feel more real through a unique, still experimental, interface feature called surface haptics.
Raman spectroscopy was performed using a Nicolet NXR 9650 FT-Raman Spectrometer equipped with a liquid nitrogen-cooled germanium detector.
The formula we use to calculate real exchange rates is: RX [R.sub.it] = NX [R.sub.it] x [CPI.sub.USt]/[CPI.sub.it] where RXR is the real exchange rate, NXR is the nominal exchange rate, CPI is the consumer price index, i is a country index and t is a time period.
This will be preceded by the Reva NXR and the premium SUV Ssanyong Rexton.
nxr kd "Just look at Sir Alex Ferguson who was under pressure when he first took over at Manchester United before winning the FA Cup.
If rank ([PI]) = r < n, then there are matrices [beta] and [alpha] of dimension nxr such that H0: [PI] = [alpha] [beta]' and there are r co-integrating relations among the elements of [beta]Xt is accepted as a matrix of cointegration vectors and provides the property that elements in [beta] 'Xt are stationary even though Xt is non-stationary.
r<n-, then there exist nxr matrices [alpha] and [beta] each with rank r such that [pi] = [alpha][beta] and [beta][x.sub.t] is stationary, r is the number of cointegrating relationships, the elements of [alpha] are known as the adjustment parameters In the vector error correction model and each column of [beta] is a cointegrating vector.
Mahindra Reva is present in 12 European states now and plans to expand into more with its new Reva NXR. It is commissioning a new factory in Bangalore that will ultimately allow it to produce 30,000 cars a year.