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Its extremely spacious 100-foot field of view at 100 yards when set on IX or, more important, a 25-foot field at 25 yards, the NXS Compact is one of the best scopes going for use on a rifle used for hunting potentially dangerous game.
Three reticle patterns are available for the Nightforce 1-4x24mm NXS Compact Riflescope.
Three reticle patterns are available for the Night-force l-4x24mm NXS Compact Riflescope.
Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC) (TYO: 7267), a Japan-based automaker, is launching its NXS Concept vehicle at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, scheduled for March 2012.
There are 11 medium and nine low temperature models in the Searle NXS range of scroll condensing units, offering a duty range of 1.
There's only one plate the Aussie rockers might fancy, and that's 1 NXS, sold at a DVLA auction for nearly twenty-five grand.
In order to assess optical quality, I compared the SFIV with an older NXS scope I picked up on trade several years ago.
Nightforce Optics presents its Compact NXS series on the basis that extremely high-quality glass allows for a smaller objective lens.
The 33-year-old Dubliner looked set to become only the second player to compile a 147 at the Wembley venue until he twitched on the black to miss out on the keys to a new Honda NXS.
Better still, the NXS has the performance to match its looks.