NXXNetwork Numbering Exchange (in North American Numbering Plan)
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State commissions and incumbent LECs adopted other practices that discriminated against wireless providers.(242) Many LECs charged CMRS providers substantial fees for activation of NXX codes,(243) while at the same time charging other LECs significantly lower fees or no fee at all.(244) Some state commissions approved LEC tariffs imposing such charges, even though these charges discriminated against CMRS providers.(245)
(74.) "An NXX code is the first three numbers in a typical seven digit telephone number.
(243.) For a definition of an NXX code, see supra note 74.
20, 1996) ("[W]e conclude that Pacific [Bell]'s practice of charging code opening fees to cellular carriers and other CMRS providers is unacceptable since such charges are discriminatory."); Florida Second LEC-CMRS Order, supra note 237, at *14 (summarizing testimony stating that no LECs in Florida impose NXX code activation fees on other LECs); Harry E.
These exchange numbers, or NXXs, were the first three digits of the number following the 8-0-0.
Starting in 1987, after carriers in addition to AT&T began obtaining their own NXXs, the local phone companies' computers had only to read the first three digits to determine that it was a toll-free call, and the next three to determine which carrier would handle it.
Because carriers no longer have license to certain NXXs, the local phone companies must do what is called a full, 10-digit screening.
As you know, the current NPA rules state that the middle digit of an area code is either a "1" or "0." The new rules state that the middle digit can be "0" through "9." The designation for that is "NXX." "N" means 2 through 9, but not 0 and 1.
1 date, every LEC central office will be modified to accept the NXX format for area codes.
With the new arrangement, however, NPA codes will also be "NXX", as is the case with central office codes.
10 September 2013 -- US-based public financial markets operator NYSE Euronext (NYSE: NXX) said it has forged a strategic partnership with transaction management platform ACE.
6 September 2013 -- New York-based securities exchange operator NYSE Euronext (NYSE: NXX) said that its global derivatives average daily volume in August was 5.8m contracts excluding Bclear for an increase of 8.6% compared to August 2012 but down 8.9% from July 2013.