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NYAFFNew York Asian Film Festival
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The NYAFF will present four Taiwanese movies, including 'Han Dan', 'The Scoundrels', 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Show', and 'Someone in the Clouds' at the Lincoln Center and SVA Theatre.
NYAFF, organised by Subway Cinema and the Film Society of Lincoln Centre (FSLC), will be held at two locations: FSLC and SVA Theatre.
The Philippines continues its five-year-streak as the Asian country with the largest lineup at the NYAFF as Mikhail Red's "Neomanila," Erik Matti's "BuyBust" and "On the Job," Richard Somes' brutal "We Will Not Die Tonight" and Irene Villamor's (anti-) romance "Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story") were also screened during the festival.
"All around the world, Filipino films continue to compete and be recognized by the most prestigious of film festivals and we are proud that NYAFF is doing its part in introducing Filipino Films - genre Filipino films especially - to the North American audience.
True to its focus on new Filipino cinema, NYAFF featured upcoming directors, some of whom are presenting their directorial debuts.
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