NYAMANew York American Marketing Association
NYAMANew York Aviation Management Association (Albany, NY)
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Braai is basically Afrikaans for barbecue, but a braai, or Chisa Nyama in Zulu, has so much more meaning to South Africans that isn't immediately apparent to outsiders.
To reinforce my point about meeting the customer at the point of need, as in the chisa nyama scenario above, I have two particularly apt examples where product meets the customer at the point of need.
Material concentrations of nyama in Komo and Kono arts made visible during masquerades distinguish the organizations' performances from other power association events.
Nyama McCarthy-Brown said, "The collaboration illuminated treasured dance traditions from two very distinct cultures and wove them together harmoniously, yet without infringing upon the integrity of either form.
The meats on offer at nyama choma outlets include chevon (goat meat), beef, lamb, chicken, and pork.
Although braai is an Afrikaans word, it is used across South Africa's many cultures, along with the Zulu term "shisa nyama," literally "to burn meat." South Africans take pride in the practice--not just the preparation of fire-grilled meat but its ability to bring people together.
Kenyans take the enjoyment of food seriously--the days of going out for nyama choma na ugali (a roasted meat and maize meal) or an Indian are well past, although both still have very loyal devotees.
With F&B, the Urban Grillroom will offer an East African twist inspired by 'Nyama Choma' cooking.
The owners of Nyama and Tittu, which went missing from Riffa Views, believe their pets were brutally killed.
The final chapters examine "red" mud cloths, which signal that the wearer should abstain from sex, whether for ritual purposes or for occasions when blood is shed, thus releasing a potent spiritual force (nyama).
Some other clues hinting at Black Panther's presence include the shot showing South African Police force and South African restaurant chain called Nyama & Chips.
Mo ku ninka a kite og marovhu ana nu, ntudi ta va ka kara pamwe pa nyama.Yinke nye eyi kwamako?