NYARNew York and Atlantic Railway
NYARNational Youth at Risk
NYARNew York Auto Recovery, Inc. (Cicero, NY)
NYARNigeria Youth Action Rangers (est. 1996)
NYARNewcomer Youth at Risk (Canada)
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Abbot U Nyar Neik Thariya was very touched that the Kalias family came from Switzerland to Myanmar to personally show their support for his community: “I feel that became an extended family.
Nyar, Annsilla and Chris Wray (2009) Presentation to Roundtable Discussion on Violent Community Protest, October 13, 2009.
Founded contemporaneously with Nyar ma, and counting, with Nyar ma and Tholing, as the three major foundations of the Purang-Guge Kindom, the monastery of Khojarnath (Khor chags) in Purang yielded a surprising discovery during restoration work.
Inspired to record his own songs, Toto composed "Dorie Mama" and "Athieno Nyar Seme", which were produced by seasoned engineer and producer Isaya Mwinamo at Philips Studio in Nairobi.BREAKTHROUGHBut his biggest moment came in 1970 when he released the song "FC Gor Mahia".
On the other hand, some of the educated and well meaning Myanmar especially those from upper Burma called Ah Nyar and all the non-Myanmar maintain that the Union of Burma is a newly developed territorial entity, founded by a treaty, the Panglong Accord, where independent territories merged together on equal basis to obtain independence from Britain and this is what General Aung San (father of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi), the architect of Modern Burma envisage.
Next time, she'll be married before giving birth and is full of praise for family values The only problem is that her current partner, Indian millionaire Arun Nyar, is married to someone else.
Over Oxbrobacken begins at "Kallt nyar" (Cold New Year) and continues through the ensuing year to the following December.
class="MsoNormalspan xml:lang="EN-GBThe production company has also recording for other upcoming artistes such as Cross Wuod Nyar Mwalo, who has produced several songs in Afro-fusion, includingspan xml:lang="EN-GBNunguspan xml:lang="EN-GBandspan xml:lang="EN-GBRock Mtaani.
My Kenyan citizenship was irrevocably vested on me by my mother, Margaret Sur Nyar Njoga, in a small village called Magina, nestled along the shores of River Nyando in the Kano Plains.
Myat Nyar Na Soe, a representative-elect from the National Democratic Force (NDF) party.
His contact is [email#160protected]DETACHED' DP: Keenly watching the political scene, Akinyi Nyar Owuor says she wonders whether Deputy President William Ruto "stopped living in the country when he ascended to the second-highest office in the land".
"Now we want to concentrate on the continental matches and try emulate this success over there," another female fan with the initials 'Nyar Asego' printed at the back of her Gor Mahia jersey added.This is Gor Mahia's 17th league title, summing up an unprecedented achievement for the country's most successful football club.