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NYASANew York African Studies Association (est. 1967)
NYASANew York Amateur Sports Alliance Inc. (New York, NY)
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The Mtwara--Lake Nyasa railway project comes at time when the government is also constructing a standard gauge railway line from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma and Mwanza to replace the old central railway built by the German colonial power between 1905 and 1914.
A fisherman plies the waters of Lake Nyasa in a canoe crafted from a hollowed-out tree trunk.
It stretches from Syria in the north, down the Arabah to the Gulf of Akaba, through the Red Sea to the upper Nile Valley and on to Lake Nyasa in East Africa.
But his geographic discoveries in southern and central Africa--including Victoria Falls, Lake Nyasa, and the Lualaba River (the Upper Congo)--made him famous in Europe.
The Kyela PSA has an area of 1,934 sq/km covering the northern onshore area of the Lake Nyasa Basin.
The political science student at Huddersfield University told Malawian newspaper Nyasa Times: "The idea is to organise new forms of action against MPs, government officials and the failure by government to address the current economic and governance woes.
Africa, un mundo por conocer" es el penultimo apartado y Luis Eugenio Togores Sanchez ofrece una sintesis del conocimiento de Africa que se tenia en el mundo antiguo, en la epoca romana, durante la Edad Media y el periodo expansivo portugues de 1415 a 1488, en la entrada en la Edad Moderna y en la epoca ilustrada con las expediciones cientificas de distintas especialidades, que continuaron en el siglo XIX, centrandose en grandes rios como el Nilo, Senegal o Niger, lagos como Nyasa o Tanganika, para avanzar la exploracion y la colonizacion hacia el sur hasta el extremo del continente.
Nyasa in raga: the pleasant pause in Hindustani music.
We are told that on his near-disastrous expedition up the Zambezi River, famed Scottish explorer David Livingstone found much more than the immense inland sea of Lake Nyasa.
The trophic interrelationships and ecology of some littoral communities of Lake Nyasa with special reference to the fishes, and a discussion of the evolution of a group of rock-frequenting Cichlidae.
Here elephants travel along a movement corridor, from the Selous Reserve to the north to the Nyasa Game Reserve across the Ruvuma in Mozambique.