NYATSNew York Association of Temporary Services (Flushing, NY)
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The percentages of NYATS respondents reporting exposure to SHS in restaurants and bars decreased significantly after the law took effect, from 19.
Of the 6,152 NYATS participants who were eligible to submit saliva samples, 3,053 agreed, and 2,008 (33%) submitted samples.
The geometric mean level of salivary cotinine among nonsmoking NYATS participants who submitted saliva samples decreased by 47.
First, the average quarterly response rates for both NYATS (22%) and the saliva cotinine study (33%, for a cumulative rate of 7%) were low; in addition, the number of preban respondents in the cotinine study (80) was approximately one fourth to one fifth the number of respondents in each of the postban samples (range: 337-425).