NYAWANew York Arm Wrestling Association
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Nyawa means 'soul' or 'spirit', the essential life force within the living.
"Dari Babat Kopi ke Babat Nyawa: Narasi Tragedi Petani Kopi Colol demi Hak-Hak dan Martabat Kemanusiaan Para Petani".
class="MsoNormalKinango security and peace committee chairman, Harrison Nyawa says there has been an increase in allegations of witchcraft in parts of Kinango and Lunga Lunga sub-counties with penalties including violence and execution.
While all forms of Iban ritual singing share, she notes, certain general features in common, each category of specialist sings with a distinctive musical 'voice' (nyawa).
class="MsoNormalIn that year, Madzao Mangale sued Nyawa Shebi and Mumba Chome (all deceased) over the piece of land in Kitsimani Mitangoni in Mariakani.
Other suspects arrested in the operation were Ali Suleiman, Said Nyawa and Hamisi Mwahuyi, all facing charges of murdering Nyota and stealing his motorcycle, and being members of al Shabaab.
The performance of each type of leka main projects a unique singing style (patah nyawa) that is particular and differs from one type to another.
He writes: "Gavin's [Baleh] informants told her that there is no praise-name for rangjugah or, perhaps, that they did not know it" (2006a: 188); he adds in a footnote on the same page: "There is a julok for rangjugah in the Batang Ai--rangjugah, nyawa ngempuau, bau sinang [...], leading one to speculate that the Baleh Iban might have taken the design with them, but not the julok."
Nyawa 2004 A guide to the herbs, small shrubs and climbing plants of Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park, Tutong, Brunei Darussalam.
108) is Keliku gajai antu, nyawa iya rengu rengu minta seru ka Raja Natu empurong bulu ke telu manah di kayam.
and Samhan bin Nyawa 2006 Dusun Ethnobotany: Forest Knowledge and Nomenclature in Northern Borneo.