NYAWCNew York Asian Women's Center (New York, NY)
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NYAWC staff, board members, and supporters experienced the shelter opponents' statements and actions in a racialized way, and newspaper accounts included statements by opponents that referenced race and ethnicity.
Providing additional resources to organizations, like NYAWC, that already have the experience, personnel, and language capacity to work with Asian American women would increase access as well.
NYAWC is an organization whose mission is to help "women and their children overcome domestic violence and other forms of abuse by empowering them to govern their own lives," and "raise public awareness about violence against women, advocate[] for the rights of survivors, and act[] as an agent of social change.
One community supporter wrote a letter to the editor, stating that NYAWC was "like organizations dedicated to the similar needs of African-American, Hispanic or other women, part of a network dedicated to helping women, of all ethnicities," and ridiculed the claim by shelter opponents that NYAWC was "prejudiced by virtue of their specific mission.
13, 2003, at 1 (opponents chastised NYAWC for "sneaking into the neighborhood"); Albor Ruiz, Scared of Haven for Battered Women, N.
Despite encountering delays due to NIMBY opposition, NYAWC succeeded in establishing and operating their shelter.
Sources include newspaper articles, official statements, and documents supplied by NYAWC and the Workplace Project.
The NYAWC did not need to call any witnesses in its defense before [the judge] ruled in the organization's favor" (Hinman, 2003).
Therefore, following past practice and complying with the law, NYAWC had not publicized its shelter and had planned to move into the neighborhood as discreetly as possible.
The staff and supporters of NYAWC encountered verbal abuse and intimidation.
As legal action continues, KG residents are being subjected to false accusation, character defamation, acts of intimidation and threats by NYAWC and a few of its supporters.
In May, NYAWC members went shopping at Mazzone's Hardware store, which had been on the boycott list.