NYBENew York Bandura Ensemble (New York, NY)
NYBENew York Block Exchange (New York, NY)
NYBENew York Board of Education
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The sacrifices I have made to secure this proposed acquisition for the NYBE obviously show the intense commitment I have to providing a bright future for both the NYBE and all shareholders.
Unfortunately, NYBE could not prognosticate this type of carnage and ultimately NYBE was a part of it.
NYBE is in the process of negotiating the terms for the agreements.
NYBE announced its accountants are in the process of concluding audited fiscal year end March 31, 1998, statements.
How has the NYBE been able to stay in business as opposed to so many others?
The NYBE has finished its development of its current bake-and- deliver products for the first interstate bagel delivery, via a distributor, with Whole Foods.
Additionally, NYBE is preparing for a separately designated section within Whole Foods for the sale of the company's award-winning bagels.
The NYBE is also in negotiations to sell Whole Foods Specialty breads in all of the company's locations.
For further information, visit the NYBE Web site at http://www.
To give shareholders an example, the NYBE has the ability to land an account servicing numerous locations in 17 states.
In addition to the restructuring of the NYBE infrastructure, Ted Kohn will be responsible for the day-to-day operations, hiring of baking team leaders and distribution.
Horne, chairman and chief executive officer of the NYBE, announced Monday a rescission of the acquisition by NYBE of the assets of BIAS which had been completed on Jan.