NYBGNew York Botanical Garden (Bronx, NY)
NYBGNorth Yorkshire Bat Group (UK)
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Thomas, and the team at NYBG, have been among the leaders turning stores of plant information into a more accessible digital form.
At NYBG, for example, tucked away in manila folders, stacked in four floors of climate-controlled cabinets, are 7.
The NYBG is one of the four largest research herbariums in the world.
The NYBG scientists conduct cutting-edge research in habitat destruction, sustainable forestry, natural resource management, plant molecular biology and the complex relationship between plants and people.
But years ago, as a precaution against fires, the NYBG staff removed fallen trees from the forest floor.
If these 24 families have such variety and such fascinating adaptations, imagine what is in store for us if we explore further, and with the resources of the NYBG available to us, there's enough to keep a botanical artist--even one a lot younger than 60--busy for a lifetime.
Callipteris pactilis Pacheco 3321 Ecuador: Pichincha, Reserva forestal ENDESA Callipteris pinnatifida Pacheco 3323 Ecuador: Napo, Reserva Biologica Jatan Sacha Callipteris prolifera NYBG 1294/78 -- Callipteris rivalis Pacheco 3307 Ecuador: Pichincha, en la cima de las Montanas de Ila.
His vision for NYBG and his skill in realizing that vision were the most dominant forces in establishing the institution and in forging its mission.
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He has remained at NYBG for the last 25 years in various leadership and research positions, including vice president for botanical science from 2002 to 2007.
Cornell University Press, Sage House, 512 East State Street, Ithaca, NY 14850--The NYBG Press, 200th St.
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