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NYBOTNew York Board of Trade
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These were actually five closing prices of the near five contracts from New York Board of Trade NYBOT.
Foram realizadas entrevistas com sete executivos (sendo que cinco ja haviam sido entrevistados na etapa inicial) das industrias processadoras, com o objetivo de conhecer as transacoes entre produtores de laranja e empresas processadoras de suco, conhecer as transacoes dessas empresas no mercado internacional, mais especificamente em Roterda, e tambem se ocorrem transacoes com a NYBOT.
Upon consummation, NYBOT will become a wholly owned subsidiary of ICE.
In addition, NYBOT has terminated its prohibition on the certification of new coffee in the six stores, as well as on licensed stores accepting coffee that had been held in the six stores at the time of Katrina.