NYCBHNew York City Board of Health
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The data do establish a clear connection between group 2 (SAV, BAV, GP1V, and VBH) and NYCBH. VACV-WR is strictly a laboratory strain and has never been used as a vaccine (29,30).
Brazilian Vaccinia viruses and vaccine strains used in Brazil * Virus Year of Source isolation VACV-LIS 1870 Prussian soldier VACV-WR 1876 NYCBH strain SAV 1961 Rodent, sentinel mice ([dagger]) BAV 1963 Rodent, Oryzomys sp.
In the United States, these included the New York City calf lymph (NYC_CL) and New York City chorioallantoic membrane (NYC_CAM) strains, both of which were derived from a seed virus of the NYCBH strain.