NYCDANew York City Dance Alliance
NYCDANew York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts (New York, NY)
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Last year's staff included regular NYCDA faculty members, plus guests like Ailey II artistic director Troy Powell, BalletNext artistic director Michele Wiles, Nederlands Dans Theater's Jon Bond and Luis Salgado from On Your Feet
One big advantage of the NYCDA program is its close relationship with Pace University, which has one of the country's first programs dedicated to commercial dance.
How the scholarship helped: "It's given me another connection in New York: Last year I was in NYCDA Foundation's Destiny Rising show, I worked at Nationals and I've been in Dance Magazine
Major wins: Performing with Academy of Dance Arts in Allen, Texas, Rehrman was the first runner-up Outstanding Dancer at NYCDA Nationals in 2009; L.
She was the Senior Outstanding Dancer at NYCDA Nationals in 2009.
NYCDA founder and director Joe Lanteri says teachers with professional experience bridge the gap between the convention world and the real world.
After years of attending events like Hollywood Connection and NYCDA, she started getting offers of agency representation.
I also met many of my best friends, including Jakob Karr--we met at NYCDA when I was 15 and now we're roommates in NYC.
Their tap numbers received High Gold at LA Dance Force, NYCDA, and JUMP.
Joe Lanteri, executive director of NYCDA, sees lots of talent each year.
In 2004 she won Teen Outstanding Dancer at NYCDA and soon after began training at American Ballet Theatre's Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School.
Engen credits the competition circuit for her stamina: "When we went to New York for the NYCDA convention we took class all day and performed at the competition at night.