NYCDEPNew York City Department of Environmental Protection
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Regulatory agencies involved in dry cleaner regulation enforcement in New York (NYSDEC, NYSDOH, NYCDEP, NYCDOHMH) are currently evaluating these possibilities.
To achieve the effluent limits accepted by the NYCDEP and NYSDEC of 30 percent BOD removal and 45 percent SS removal while avoiding disruption of the sludge processing system, ferric chloride and an anionic polymer coagulant were added to the existing treatment facilities.
NYCDEP, Reservoir Headquarters, 415 East 203rd Street, Bronx NY, 10467; Nabil Bekheet, Project Manager (718) 652-5705 ext.
While some facilities may not want to comply with the new regulations, they will be required to incorporate emission compliance or schedules for compliance in their NYSDEC or NYCDEP air permits before they can be renewed.
The Acting Commissioner of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) Agency Steven Lawitts will speak about the future of the NYCDEP and the proposed major capital programs in its pipeline.