NYCDOHNew York City Department of Health
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This was very unusual, prompting the school nurse to call the NYCDOH at 10:30 a.m.
After the case was reported to NYCDOH, the index patient provided the names and contact information for 14 sex partners during a standard, voluntary, confidential interview.
Human exposures to solvents and other inert ingredients are likely to be low, resulting in low risks (NYCDOH 2001).
Sandra Mullin, Associate Commissioner Public Affairs, New York City Department of Health (NYCDOH), New York, NY
The NYCDOH, in collaboration with the NYCPS, other local agencies, parents, and community groups instituted the "Safe Routes to School/Safe Havens" program in one neighborhood to reduce violence and pedestrian unjuries going to and from school.
NYCDOH. 1998 Childhood Lead Poisoning, City Health Information: Vol 17.
In December 2001, NYCDOH was informed of two elderly patients (aged >75 years) who had acute HBV infection diagnosed and who had visited the office of the same physician (physician A) during their incubation periods.
Reports could also be entered onto a form on the NYCDOH web site.
NYCDOH contractors collected most of the asbestos samples; NIOSH personnel collected all oth er samples.
Within 6 hours of the WTC attack, a NYCDOH rapid assessment team began collecting demographic and clinical data on all persons who sought emergency care from 8 a.m.
A rapid assessment conducted by NYCDOH during the first 24 hours after the incident indicated that most emergency department (ED) visits were for minor injuries; approximately 10%-15% of ED patients were admitted and few deaths occurred.
The New York City Department of Health (NYCDOH) implemented EPS citywide during May 1-November 25, active physician-based surveillance (APS) during June 1-September 30, and active laboratory-based surveillance (ALS) during July 1-September 30.