NYCDOHNew York City Department of Health
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Why did the NYCDOH narrowly assume the virus paradigm?
The named partners were contacted by NYCDOH in February 2005 and were offered HIV testing.
On the basis of these results, NYCDOH offered testing for HBV, HCV and HIV infection to 1,042 patients of physician A; 38 patients, including the 19 previously identified, had acute HBV infection during February 2000-February 2002.
CDC distributed information on these topics through NYCDOH, including information on eye safety (http://www.
A rapid assessment conducted by NYCDOH during the first 24 hours after the incident indicated that most emergency department (ED) visits were for minor injuries; approximately 10%-15% of ED patients were admitted and few deaths occurred.
To define the geographic extent of the outbreak, NYCDOH initiated active surveillance on August 30, and the Westchester County Department of Health and the Nassau County Department of Health initiated active surveillance on September 3.
Of 21 pediatric practices serving this community, 18 practices participated in the program and received free hepatitis A vaccine, initially from NYCDOH and later through the Vaccines For Children (VFC) program.
Because of these findings, in August 1995 the NYCDOH initiated a validation study at laboratory B.
In 1995, a total of 282 PNSP cases were reported to NYCDOH by hospital and commercial laboratories (rate: 3.
During March 17-April 10, 1995, NYCDOH issued press releases warning of scopolamine-adulterated heroin sold under the street names "Point on Point" and "Sting.
On March 24, the NYCDOH issued a news release to educate the public about the hazards of drinking the contaminated Paraguay tea.
To directly reach persons who recently may have arrived from India and were at increased risk for plague, leaflets in English and Hindi describing plague symptoms and urging ill persons to seek medical attention were distributed by NYCDOH at a heavily attended Indian cultural fair on October 8 and 9.