NYCDOTNew York City Department of Transportation
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"It is essential to demonstrate interoperability among vendors' products by applying connected vehicle standards," says Mohamad Talas, director of systems engineering at NYCDOT. "Interoperability will ensure successful expansion and sustainability of the deployment and will help New York City achieve its goal of improving safety.
(334) At the same time, however, the revocable grant that a microgrid would need to obtain in NYC is subject to approval of the NYCDOT and the Mayor, and requires a public hearing, (335) under which the application can be challenged by any "[o]ther private part[y] that already occupies] space in the street...." (336) In the case of NYU, Con Edison did not object to their application, but if private microgrids became problematic from the utility's perspective, it could undoubtedly have attempted to block an application by arguing that it "interfere[s] with use of inalienable property of the city for public purposes," (337) or by petitioning the Mayor.
NYCDOT was evaluating both symmetrical (Type V) and asymmetrical (Type II/III) distributions, and the polar measurement scheme facilitated this.
(NYCDCP) New York City City's sidewalk Department of inspection and Transportation management, (NYCDOT) permit management and construction control, ferries, bridges, traffic, roadway repair and maintenance.
NYCDOT estimates that because of the implementation phase, 40 to 50 daily delivery tours in Manhattan have switched to offpeak hours, for a total carrier savings of more than $2.25 million annually.
The engineering group at NYCDOT - after careful consideration of all physical loading requirements - determined that a deeper steel grid only half filled with concrete would meet the necessary strength demands while providing less weight.
NYCDOT is leading the pilot, which encompasses three distinct areas in the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn:
has been commissioned by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) to complete multiple roadway projects throughout the city of New York.
One of the most pressing concerns facing the NYCDOT was the potential for differences between many interested parties during the course of the project.
Every year the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) produces an annual progress report known as the Sustainable Streets Index that takes stock of transportation trends and evaluates the city's various transportation initiatives.