NYCDOTNew York City Department of Transportation
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What's more, the long paybacks could be outweighed by other factors NYCDOT may consider important, such as environmental benefits.
In addition, NYCDOT will deploy approximately 8 roadside units along the higher speed FDR Drive to address challenges such as short-radius curves, a weight limit, and a minimum bridge clearance.
An interim approval was given based on the recommendation by the Research and Development Division, laboratory evaluation, field trials, and the review and subsequent recommendation for use by NYCDOT consultants Bettigole Andrews and Clark Inc.
All stakeholders in the Riverside Drive project, including NYCDOT, G&O, and Tully Construction, the general contractor, agreed to cooperate to ensure the efficient progress of the job and to strive to create a working relationship focused on one common goal--completing the reconstruction of the roadway as smoothly as possible, on-time and on-budget, and with minimal inconvenience to the public.
Tenders are invited for Year round landscaped median maintenance and irrigation services for NYCDOT as needed.
NYCDOT is using Section 402 funding through the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee for enforcement of high pedestrian corridors identified by the agency In addition, NYCDOT used Section 402 funding to develop three public information campaigns: "LOOK;'" Don't Be A Jerk;' and "Can You See Me Now:' The agency's pedestrian safety group is developing a K-12 curriculum, approved by the NYC public schools, which integrates pedestrian safety information into everyday educational curricula, such as health, environmental science, social studies, and mathematics.
Even within the NYCDOT, coordination will be required among various units that deal with such issues as street lighting, parking meters, and traffic signals.
Notes: A pre-submission meeting will be held at 2:30pm EST on March 28, 2016 at NYCDOT, 55 Water Street- Ground Floor, Bid Room A, New York, NY 10041.
The disproportional representation of the senior population in severe pedestrian injuries and fatalities prompted NYCDOT to launch Safe Streets for Seniors, a program to address the safety of senior pedestrians at 25 locations across the city.