NYCHANew York City Housing Authority
NYCHANew York Clearing House Association
NYCHANational Youth Cutting Horse Association (est. 1993)
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Here we are in New York and we have something that potentially is even worse because there's 400,000 tenants in NYCHA who potentially could be exposed to lead paint poisoning.
Specifically, the authority estimates that the city's Strongest collect 380 million pounds of refuse each year from NYCHA developments.
NYCHA is one of the few institutions that can decelerate the invasion.
An NYCHA official said landlords are required to check with the agency before evicting a tenant.
The vote to give BCG $6 million was one of five resolutions the NYCHA board voted on that morning, following votes to approve a half-million-dollar emergency contract for tree removal, a $600,000 commercial lease contract and the transfer of 32,000 square feet of land and 160,000 square feet of air rights in East Harlem to a real estate consortium building a charter school, community facility and 87 units of affordable housing.
The class alleged that NYCHA, the largest public-housing agency in the United States with a total of 180,000 apartments, failed to accommodate tenants and applicants with mobility impairments who needed accessible housing and failed 1o convert apartments for the needs of tenants with mobility impairments.
With this unprecedented investment, the City is reducing its carbon footprint and building more resilient communities for the 400,000 New Yorkers who call NYCHA home.
NYCHA was under former Deptuy Mayor Dennis Walcott's authority until he became schools chancellor in March, and is now overseen by Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert Steel.