NYCHPNew York City Housing Partnership
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"Downscaling work provides a view of how climate change may impact health in the future, it begins to describe for us the range of possible answers to some of the public health questions that we have today, and it gives us a sense of different possible alternative futures," says Kim Knowlton, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council, who worked on the NYCHP. "At this point, downscaled modeling results are invaluable to adaptation planning, and the expertise in the modeling community is improving all the time."
Public health scientists are continuing to analyze the NYCHP's downscaled data.
Examiners took note of several of Republic Bank's community development efforts, including the New York Equity Fund ("NYEF"), an investment pool formed to rehabilitate New York City buildings to provide rental housing to low- and very-low-income families; Global Resources for Affordable Neighborhood Development ("GRAND"), which provides loans to build the new homes projects of NYCHP; Primary Care Development Corporation ("PCDC"), which provides loans to support the development of primary care programs in New York City; and the CPC.
About 15,000 units have gone up with help from the city or NYCHP.
The relatively fine spatial resolution afforded by the NYCHP model system projected spatially heterogeneous regional changes in episodic high [O.sub.3] in coming decades.
The NYCHP integrates the work of health professionals with the work of air quality modelers and climate scientists and applies a linked model system to project regional mortality for a major metropolitan area of the United States.