NYCINational Youth Council of Ireland
NYCINew York Career Institute
NYCINew York Church International (New York, New York)
NYCINew York Claims Investigation
NYCINew York Center for Iridology (New York, NY)
NYCINew York Choreographic Institute (est. 2000; New York, NY)
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Most respondents to NYCI surveys cited jobs as the principal reason for wanting to leave the country.
We need to support them to make informed choices if they are going to places like Australia or Canada, or other parts of the world," said NYCI assistant director James Doorley.
Senior research and policy officer at NYCI and author of the report Marie-Claire McAleer said: "It is vital this issue is given the consideration it deserves and that a dedicated Government policy response is developed to support our young emigrants and tackle the challenges they face.
The NYCI has called on Education Minister Dr Michael Woods to double the maximum grant payment to pounds 3,500, link it to the cost of living, and make Rent Supplement available to students.
And the NYCI called on third level colleges to use all available land they own to build much needed campus housing.
The NYCI is recommending that the current funding to anti-drugs initiatives be dramatically increased.
We can see on the ground the effect that poverty has on families and children," NYCI spokesman Eamon Waters said.
While the exams can be over-hyped, they are the culmination of a lot of work," NYCI President Jillian Hassett said.
This, says the NYCI, would bring the maximum rent relief into line with maximum mortgage relief available.
The NYCI points out that 41 % of the population is under 25, but not one single TD is under that age.
A study by NYCI showed the average age of a Dail deputy is 49 - the same as a cabinet minister.