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Ruling against ORR, the judge, a Bush appointee, admonished Lloyd for keeping kids "hostage" based only on personal preference and cited NYCLU research showing more than 700 teens had been held an average of six extra months because of the policy.
(54) The NYCLU report chronicled other such stories of girls and women in New York forced to carry pregnancies to term even while suffering from cancer or other serious medical illnesses, or after sexual assault.
It is especially concerning that, after multiple requests by the NYCLU for information on cell-site simulator use, the New York State Police indicated that it had no records of relevant policy documents while continuing to purchase upgrades to improve cell-site simulator capabilities.
"This feels like pandering to the religious lobby," the NYCLU's Donna Lieberman told The New York Times.
The NYCLU and the NAACP argued in court that the release of the records was necessary to foster transparency and demonstrate fairness to the public.
Coterminous with the strikes, prominent advocacy organizations including Amnesty International and the American Civil Liberties Union issued reports characterizing solitary confinement as a human rights abuse (ACLU, 2012; Amnesty International, 2012; NYCLU, 2012).
"The success of this [New York I.D.] program hinges on the city's ability to keep people's private information private- and not entered into an electronic database where it could become the target of identity theft or shared with other city agencies," said Johanna Miller, advocacy director for NYCLU. "All applicants must be shielded from both unscrupulous people and federal agencies [that] might seek an undocumented individual's identity data."
Overlooked, of course, is the fact that despite all the hype, nothing illegal is found on close to 90 percent of the individuals who are stopped and frisked (NYCLU, 2013).
13 ( ANI ): Approximately 90 percent of New Yorkers who were stopped and frisked between 2010 and 2012 were 'totally innocent,' New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) has said.