NYCLUNew York Civil Liberties Union
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Given the persistent efforts by NYCLU and the court's decision in Lambis, the New York legislature must now acknowledge that not only are cell-site simulators being frequently used, but that such unrestrained usage violates privacy rights.
In February 2014, the State and the NYCLU entered into an Interim Agreement to advance a variety of policy initiatives, including creating and implementing sanction guidelines, ending the practice of imposing solitary confinement on juveniles, instituting a presumption against solitary confinement for pregnant inmates, and providing an alternative placement for inmates with cognitive impairments.
The failure to indict the officer responsible for the death of Eric Garner has left many wondering if black lives even matter," said NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman.
This is not to deny, of course, the possibility that (as the NYCLU study concluded) suspensions may be inconsistently or arbitrarily imposed, or that they may, because of other features of the suspension system, end up depriving suspended students of access to an effective (and constitutionally required) educational program.
44) In Fall 2006, the NYCLU issued a special report entitled Who's Watching?
In July, the NYCLU filed a lawsuit against Blue Cross Blue Shield on behalf of the couple.
We are treating the kids like potential criminals," says Donna Lieberman of the NYCLU.
Administrators say that Lopez didn't get school permission before inviting the NYCLU on campus, thus violating school rules.
According to the NYCLU, "The New York City Police Department, spurred by the promise of $9 million in Federal Homeland Security grants and up to $81.
A 1998 study conducted by the NYCLU identified 2,397 video surveillance cameras visible from street level in Manhattan.
Christopher Dunn, who serves as associate legal director for the NYCLU, offered an explanation for the Department of Justice's involvement in the case: "As a public employer and prison administrator itself, the federal government knows better than anyone that public employees, including prison guard should not be forced to surrender their religious beliefs as a condition of keeping their jobs.
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