NYCMNew York City Marathon
NYCMNew York Central Mutual (insurance)
NYCMNew York Compensation Managers, Inc. (workers' compensation insurance provider)
NYCMNational Youth Council of Moldova
NYCMNew York Colonial Manuscripts (historical publication)
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Bringing employees back to work quickly reduces the amount of time lost and disability payments issued, NYCM said.
NYCM outlined several factors for success in the programs: employers must stay in constant contact with their transitioning workers and appoint an injury coordinator to ensure that proper restrictions are being observed to prevent further injury; employers are also charged with encouraging or requiring workers to follow up with their physicians every few weeks to check on their progress.
One thing we hadn't done much of during our 112 years was advertising," said Vice President of Marketing Jeremy Robinson during his presentation, Midsize Carrier, Full-Size Message: Inside the NYCM Marketing Turnaround.
Since its inception in upstate New York in 1899, the company, commonly known as NYCM Insurance, has continued to sell property and casualty insurance throughout New York State.