NYCOSHNew York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health
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We believe those editorials had a big effect on public opinion," NYCOSH Public Affairs Director Jonathan Bennett told E&P.
NYCOSH says that volunteers, part of an organized group or not, are eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits.
Workers' Memorial Day is a time for us to mourn those who have died, but it's also a time for us to fight for our brothers and sisters who are facing unsafe working conditions every day on the job," said Lee Clarke, assistant to the president at DC 37 Local 1549 and chair of the NYCOSH Board.
NYCOSH is also calling on the Federal Department of Labor to implement pilot projects targeting industries where high percentages of immigrants work, including construction, and to increase the number of OSHA staff who are qualified interpreters or fluent in common languages spoken by immigrant construction workers.