NYCTANew York City Transit Authority (New York City)
NYCTANew York Coal Trade Association
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A key member of that panel was NYCTA official (and Massachusetts native) Dana Lowell.
Six weeks earlier, Darius had been paroled from the Elmira Correctional Facility, near Binghamton, New York, where he had served two years for attempted grand larceny--"attempted" because he had signed out NYCTA vehicles for surface use (extinguishing track fires, supervising maintenance projects) and then signed them back in according to procedure.
To be sure, the NYCTA implemented major efforts to deal with the genuinely homeless who were attempting to use the subway as a surrogate shelter.
The NYCTA moved to dismiss the case, arguing that it had no responsibility to protect Clinger.
contract, NYCTA no longer permitted other employee organizations to
MRCE provided the client with practical and innovative solutions to design and construction issues and facilitated approvals from NYCTA and 42nd Street Development.
The ADR provision of the contract provided that in the event of a dispute between Westinghouse and NYCTA "concerning a determination by the Superintendent," the parties were obligated to proceed with the contract ADR requirements, which authorized the Superintendent "acting personally, to decide all questions of any nature.
The MTA Bus Company (MTABC) & the NYC Transit Authority (NYCTA) are seeking a vendor(s) to furnish and deliver the various bus part listed below to any or all of the nine MTABC depots and/or NYCTA Store Room 55.
Tenders are invited for MTA RFP for NYCTA Health Benefits Program