NYCTFNew York City Teaching Fellows
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At this point, the NYCTF program prepares more than a third of all new teachers for New York City schools; in 2006-07 approximately ten percent of all New York City teachers had begun their careers as Teaching Fellows (Boyd et al., 2008).
This study draws on data from a larger research project, facilitated by MetroMath--The Center for Mathematics in America's Cities, that examines the impact the NYCTF program is having on mathematics education in the New York City classrooms.
The NYCTF program was created as a response to pressure from the state government to hire only certified teachers in the city's lowest-performing schools.
Arnie is not in an educational program associated with the principal investigator of this research, but Andrea and Frank were in several courses with the principal investigator, though all narratives included in this paper were conducted after these participants had graduated from the academic portion of the NYCTF program.
Many of these programs, such as the NYCTF program, are based on the Teach For America (TFA) model that achieved prominence during the Clinton presidency.
The New York City Teaching Fellows (NYCTF) program was established in August 2000 as an alternative certification program to try to fill the void for certified teachers in SURR (Schools Under Registration Review) schools, since a disproportionate number of teachers at SURR schools are not certified.