NYDNew Year's Day
NYDNew York Diesel
NYDNo You Don't
NYDNew York Dolls (band)
NYDNot Yet Diagnosed
NYDNot Yet Done
NYDNot Yet Due
NYDNow You Die
NYDName Your Deal (shopping search engine Jellyfish.com)
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Warehouse Project, Store Street / NYE, 8pm to 5am, tickets PS45; NYD, 5pm to 5am, tickets PS45 from thewarehouseproject.
NYD Youth Relations Officer, Patric Mupupula was very pleased to see young graduates working on a voluntary project.
Too many dead anyway, and precious little respect to go around for the NYD.
Intext references to other Willie Morris texts are identified thusly: NYD = New York Days, Y = Yazoo, TH = Terrains of the Heart, SI = Shifting Interludes.
Although original guitarist Sylvain Sylvain is still on board, it's clearly Johansen who encapsulates the NYD brand but he insists it's a democratic affair.
After some deliberation and time well spent in the fitting rooms, Kerrie helped Jemma settle for pounds 149 NYD stretch bootcut denims from For All Mankind.
Instead of pearf we occasionally find the noun neod (variant spellings: nied, nyd, ned), meaning 'desire', 'compulsion' or 'need', in the same construction:
Expansion of the terminals was another core element of the expansion plan and the original plan envisaged the creation of two main terminals -- Syd (South) and Nyd (North), each of which would have three piers (A-C with Terminal South and D-F with Terminal North) with associated gates and airbridges.
The Cork TD said: "In a moment of madness years ago I agreed to join friends for NYD sea swim in aid of Courtmac lifeboat.
Nyd, inhaligheid en die erfpagplaas Die derde klein geskiedenis wat in hierdie artikel ter sprake is, begin met 'n afdeling "Kronologie en konteks" waarin die beloop van die erfpagplaas Elandskloof, sedert die vroegste jare opgesom word.
Although this company, too, focuses on British cheeses, it differs from NYD in a variety of ways.