NYDCNew York Design Center (New York City)
NYDCNew York Dessert Cafe (New York, NY)
NYDCNational Youth Development Council (various organizations)
NYDCNational Youth Dance Company (1985-2004; UK)
NYDCNorthern Youth Dance Company (UK)
NYDCNew York Downtown Clown
NYDCNew York Dock Conditions (New York, NY)
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In Mold this weekend, the dancers will be joined by those from NYDCS to perform Stuck In My Throat.
They have already demonstrated their ability to audiences around the North-East and the rest of the country - but NYDC manager Pete Huggins last night admitted the arrival of their London debut had prompted a few more nerves than usual.
Joining NYDC on stage will be 11 dancers from Newcastle's Dame Allan's School who will perform pieces choreo graphed by the renowned Henri Oguike and two of the students themselves.
In this case, NYDC completely reengineered 20,000 square feet of space into a system of "Pod" formations, a series of circular work stations seating roughly five workers per pod.
Such results, says Buscaglia, are the essence of the NYDC philosophy.
Bill's vision for NYDC enables us to fill a vital need in both the corporate and real estate communities," says Abby Rubenstein, NYDC's Senior Vice President.
The result: NYDC molds function, technology and aesthetic creativity into a business environment that satisies the client's functional and budgetary requirements, and creates an aesthetic environment that reflects the stature and culture of the overall organization.
And last night, this year's programme was premiered at Newcastle Playhouse under the watchful eye of NYDC manager Pete Huggins.
The group of dancers who took to the stage last night are the third company to emerge from NYDC and are following in some successful footsteps.
As well as putting the talents of NYDC under the spotlight, last night's performance also served to showcase the much-anticipated designs for Dance City's new pounds 7.
Director of Dance City, Janet Archer said: "The NYDC is an integral part of what we do at Dance City and once the new building is completed, future students will get the benefit of much more invaluable production time, working in our own theatre before they go on tour.