NYECCNew York Energy Consumers Council
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Dan Levin, Co-President of NYECC noted "The ENYA is a reminder to all of our member organizations and the NYC real estate community of the importance of energy leadership.
The NYECC provides collective strength for its members through ongoing interventions in numerous proceedings before the New York State Public Service Commission.
Although the NYECC and its predecessor organiza-tions have tirelessly-worked and successfully prevented Con Edison from imple-menting utility rate increases that would have cost its members hundreds of millions of dollars since 1953, the ENYA presentation to Mr.
In 2006, the NYECC presented that year's ENYA to the Durst Organization, a long-time member of the NYECC, in recognition of "their long-standing and proven strengthening energy reliability and economic competitiveness in New York.
The NYECC is currently accepting nominations for the 2008 ENYA Awards.
Although NYECC membership is not a prerequisite for winning the much-coveted ENYA, only members of the Council can submit nominations.
The NYECC is also participating as an active party in two additional PSC proceedings of interest--first, a generic consideration of the role of energy efficiency in future and ongoing rate case proceedings (Case 07-M-0548) and the Con Edison Electric Rate Case (Case 07-E-0523) filed by Con Edison on May 4, 2007.
New members in the NYECC are critical for our continued growth, and a strong membership is the driving force that enables us to be successful in our mission to advance critical initiatives for large consumers.
The NYECC is pleased to report the following recent achievements:
Negotiations in the previous Con Edison Electric Rate Case by NYECC and the other active parties reduced Con Edison's original request for a $2.
Today the NYECC is continuously engaged in safeguarding ratepayers by helping to ensure that only cost-effective DSM measures are enacted during the current electric rate case, thereby protecting customers from paying for initiatives that fail to deliver reliability and market price improvements.
In addition, members benefit from the collective strength of the NYECC augmenting individual members' interactions with Con Edison, the Department of Public Service, and other market participants.