NYEPNational Youth Employment Programme (Ghana)
NYEPNew York Electric Piano (band)
NYEPNew York Evening Post
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The youth were expected to play crucial role in implementing the NYEP even though they did not participate in its formulation.
The analysis of youth participation in formulating the NYEP is based on the indices of participation as already discussed.
Again, as argued by Pitkin (1967), the NYEP, which is a programme developed for the youth is expected to promote the interest of its beneficiaries.
In the view of Obeng (2011) "even though the NYEP provides some employment for the youth, especially those with little or no education, its contribution to the fight against unemployment is seen as a drop in the ocean because only a few of the youth are employed under the scheme.
In implementing the NYEP too, the composition of the NYETF of the NYEP can be described as lopsided and ambiguous as far as youth participation is concerned.
It is the national secretariat of the NYEP that co-ordinates all activities relating to the implementation of the programme.
In this regard, the appointed officials who formulated the NYEP were not expected to consult the youth even though the programme was to deal with the problem of youth unemployment.
Involving them in the NYEP formulation process could have dragged the programme and wasted much time" (ibid).
The establishment of the National and District Employment Task Forces under the NYEP would require money to remunerate members and pay for their sitting allowances.
From the foregone analysis, one can aptly come to the conclusion that the NYEP has been deficient and mediocre in solving the problem of youth unemployment in Ghana in a manner that truly promotes the interest of young people.
Most of the challenges of youth employment programmes in Africa including the NYEP in Ghana that have rendered them deficient could have been dealt with from the beginning if the youth had been part of their formulation process as young person would not agree to programmes that cannot guarantee a sustainable employment for them (Drah, 2003; Donkoh, 2010).
Secondly, government must show interest in boosting youth participation in the NYEP process by revitalizing and reactivating the implementation task forces of the programme and increasing the physical youth representation on them to relieve the national secretariat of its huge burden and give it ample time to deal only with administrative issues.