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NYETNot Yet (computer Universal Serial Bus protocol; expedites USB 2 throughput)
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(19) First information, Anna van Assche: 'Kyndt, ick en cant nyet gesien.'
Nyet, for the simple reason that Rosneft is Yukos (a rose by any other name definitely does not smell just as sweet in Siberia?).
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"Nyet," he said, and bopped his fist against the dash.
* Waiting for final bailout deal, "Nyet" to privatisations* Cyprus remains at odds with international lenders over privatisations and automatic wage hikes, its finance minister said on Friday, but is optimistic a bailout deal will be brokered soon.
The Mro names of the 12 unidentified species were hingko, shoikha, pangle kuju, shonkhai lota, maju fol, tuihir singh, somrikha, roia, robdip, ram nyet, tuihir, and kalakora.
(52) Tex Maule, "Switcheroo from Yes to Nyet," Sports Illustrated, 29 April 1968, 28-9; "Olympian Retreat," Newsweek, 6 May 1968, 90; Guttmann, Games Must Go On, 238-40.
Commencing from a point on the existing Province Boundary midway between Debba Mongok and Debba Karam Nyet (Lat.
Chong Nyet Chin, Director of Food Safety and Quality of NTUC Fairprice
(37.) Yale Richmond, From Nyet to Da: Understanding the Russians (Yarmouth, Maine: Intercultural Press, 1992), pp.
The economy is not for itself: it has a human purpose." Asked if Belarus will roll back the state, he answers with a resounding "nyet".