NYFNew York State Fair (Amtrak station code; Syracuse, NY)
NYFNew York Fries (fast food restaurant)
NYFNew York Foundation (est. 1909; New York, NY)
NYFNational Youth Federation (Ireland)
NYFNew York Fasteners Corp.
NYFNewtown Youth Football
NYFNew Yorker Festival
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As the 'fry specialist', NYF offers a variety of toppings and sauces like Mexican Salsa, Spicy-Sweet and Sour Imli, Beef or Chicken Chili, Braised Beef, Butter Chicken, Shuwa Beef and Chicken and the Signature Poutine.
The objective of organising the NYF is to provide a platform to bring the youth of the country together in an attempt to provide them with an opportunity to showcase their talents in various activities.
As part of NYF Dublin's new three day city-wide festival of arts, culture and live entertainment, Luminosity will animate some of the city's most iconic architecture and urban landscapes using specially commissioned light and illumination sculptures, created with award-winning audio visual artists AVTEK.
Forward-looking companies know the benefits of a team-based organization, but most underestimate the difficulty of transitioning to this business model, and few have enjoyed the success with teaming that NYF has achieved.
The NYF Dublin Three Countdown Concert will ring in the New Year in the heart of Dublin from 8pm - 12.
According to the policy, the NYF will take care of activities related to health, social life, entrepreneurship, art and culture.
Now entering its 54th year, the total number of entries continue to grow, representing over 35 different countries, making the NYF Television & Film Awards one of the most well known and widely respected competitions on the globe.
The Archean Yilgarn Craton contains an array of LCT complex pegmatites and at least one NYF (Nb-Y-F) pegmatite field.
With music from Paddy Cullivan, the Mellow Tonics Choir join NYF Dublin and First Fortnight for an inspirational evening of music, comedy and poetry.